We offer a proven commitment to quality, accuracy, scale, speed and low costs when delivering Data Management and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.


Data Entry

Data Entry
We offer quality, cost-effective solutions ideally suited to high volume applications such as forms processing, keying from images, data enrichment from the web, electronic publication, file conversion and more. As a leading offshore data entry provider, we offer the highest level of cost savings, efficiency and security to our clients. Our data entry service allows startups to outsource their back-office processes and scale quickly.


Data Enrichment
From data about specific products to facts about companies, we can augment your database with information that is publicly available on the Internet or from proprietary databases and documents. When data is enriched, it is improved in a way that adds depth and use.


Data Cleansing
Data is always changing, and accuracy is critical. Keep your database clean and updated by using our data cleansing services to verify critical facts through various pre-defined data sources. It involves identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying or deleting this bad data.


Data Deduplication
While machines are good at identifying likely duplicates, only a human review can confirm or dismiss duplicates suggested by algorithms. Use our services to compare products, business listings and user-generated content side by side to help moderate and identify duplicates based on relevant attributes.


Data Categorization
You can leverage our team of human experts to match products to your standard taxonomy, classify a business under an appropriate type, analyze the sentiment of a content post or categorize user-generated content to help with discovery.

Content Review
& Moderation

Content Moderation
Arcgate can help you moderate content so that inappropriate items that do not meet your guidelines are removed quickly. We constantly monitor new postings to remove vacuous, profane, off topic, or otherwise inappropriate comments, images and videos. We can also flag content for more-detailed review.


Data Tagging
Discovering content is a huge data challenge. Use Arcgate Data Services to quickly and accurately add tags to all types of video, photo and textual content so it can be easily indexed and searched.

Reporting &

Reporting & Analytics
We help startups with reporting and data visualization, creating presentations using exports from feeds and databases, forecasting from trends of periodical reports and preparing executive reports and dashboards.

Lead Research

Lead Research
We build custom lists manually based on your specific criteria to help your sales outreach initiatives. We add leads one at a time, by carefully combing through the best online databases that match your specific criteria. This allows your sales teams to focus on closing deals instead of spending time creating lists or cleaning bad data in lists that you purchase.