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Ayurvedic College Circle

Udaipur symbolises an important city of India at the crossroads of growing urbanism and traditional sensibilities, a place where culture meets tourism and ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ is epitomized. It reflects the modern ideas of the new India while retaining its heritage and values.

  • This traffic circle is located at an important junction of the city with a great visual interaction with the locals and tourists alike.
  • This urban intervention takes cues from the daily lives of the residents of Udaipur, while showcasing their spirited and modern approach to life. It lends to the viewer a symbolic and striking visual landscape of this idea of a new Udaipur.
  • Each of the portal frames indicates a stage in our lives and the series of these frames placed one behind the other shows how our life moves and how experiences in our life teach us various virtues. The words written on some of the portals outline the specific words that come to mind while we take on the journey of life. These words enable us to grow as a human being during our lifetime.
  • The gaps in the various frames shows that our lives are pervious and open to influences from outside forces. It is important to make appropriate choices during our lives.

UIT Circle